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We understand that loss of your natural teeth can have a devastating effect upon your quality of life and self-image, as well as some basic daily functions. Dentures provide support for your face especially around your mouth, lips and cheeks. Without this support, sagging facial muscles and sunken features make you appear and feel older.

No one wants teeth that look false or unnatural that is why at Sunshine Denture we make every effort to ensure our patients look and feel better. We can create beautiful cosmetic dentures from our vast range and variety of high quality teeth. If you wish you can bring photographs taken before tooth loss to your first appointment to discuss your exact needs.

The process of providing a denture takes about 5 appointments:

  • The initial consultation
  • Primary impressions
  • Bite registration to determine proper jaw position
  • Try in of denture to confirm colour shape and fit
  • Fit of denture and any adjustments
  • Review after one week to ensure you are happy and comfortable with your new denture

Different types of dentures:

Complete Denture (no natural teeth)

The complete denture replaces your natural teeth.

Immediate Denture

An immediate denture is placed in a patient’s mouth when the natural teeth are removed by a dentist.

Partial Denture (individual natural teeth are still in place)

Gaps in between your teeth can be filled by a removable partial denture following a visit to our dentist.

Implant Retained Denture

Dentures are given a solid base on implants replacing tooth roots which are integrated in the bone of the jaw. The implant process is carried out by referral to a dental surgeon, Sunshine Denture provide the implant retained denture.

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Sunshine Denture Ltd

Sunshine Denture supply and manufacture quality precision dentures for our patients in Nottingham, Derby and Leicester.

With over 30 years' experience in denture manufacture and repairs in the East Midlands we are able to provide dentures using the most advanced techniques available.

Combining the latest dental technology and the creative flair of our Denturist we will provide you with natural looking and comfortable new dentures.

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