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Denture Aftercare

denture aftercare. looking after your dentures

Initially dentures will often feel strange and bulky and will cause a feeling of fullness of the lips and cheeks. In time these feelings will subside and you will feel more comfortable. Time and patience will be your biggest allies.

Other symptoms you may experience with new denture are slurred speech, gagging, excessive salivation and funny or diminished taste. These symptoms usually disappear over time. However if they continue please contact our clinic for an appointment, we are here to help you.

Please follow the information below to help with the period of natural adjustment needed for your new dentures.

  • New dentures nearly always need a period of adjustment, everyone is different. People have varied bone or gum support which can create a range of adjustment for each person. Don’t worry about your speech being affected as this will correct itself in a few weeks. Please do not become discouraged.
  • Do not throw away or destroy your old set of dentures. Many new dentures require adjustment and they may be needed whilst Sunshine Denture Limited ease or adjust your new denture.
  • It is especially difficult to adjust to a lower denture. Try resting your tongue against the back of the front of the lower denture to help hold it in place. It is important to remember that a lower denture often ‘floats’ on your lower gums and will not have the suction that your upper denture has and will sometimes move around your mouth.
  • Eat only soft food for the first few days. As you feel comfortable progress to more solid foods; eat slowly, using both sides of your mouth. Take your time eating as this will help you gain confidence using your new dentures. Take small bites from food and chew using the back teeth as this will help stabilise the denture.
  • Sore spots are common with a new denture, it takes time for the gum tissues to firm up and adjust to new denture plastic against soft gums. Your gums will adapt and the denture will become more comfortable.
  • When you remove your dentures store them in cold water, if they dry out they may warp or change shape.
  • If you do develop a sore spot and you need to come back to the denture studio; please wear your denture for at least 2 hours before the appointment as this will help us identify the area to make the necessary adjustment.
  • Clean your dentures each morning and night using a recommended cleaning method. Try to take your dentures out for at least 1 hour per day, this will allow your gums to ‘breathe’ and relieve the constant pressure of chewing. Clean your dentures using cold water over a basin of water; if they are dropped they won’t break. Hold your denture in the middle; do not hold it by squeezing together as it may fracture.
  • If you have a soft liner, rinse your denture after every meal. Clean once a day using a denture cleanser and an ‘extra soft’ tooth brush. NEVER scrub the soft liner with a hard brush - this will damage the protective vinyl sealer on the surface of the soft liner. Soaking your denture with a soft lining for 10 minutes in a denture cleanser is usually adequate. DO NOT SOAK overnight.

Dentures typically need relining every 3-5 years as your gums will change and the dentures become loose. If you find your denture moving please contact Sunshine Denture to discuss options.

It is important you have yearly check-ups so that we may check on the wear of your denture and perform an examination to assess your oral health. We will also check for signs of oral cancer and other conditions that can cause problems if ignored.

Never adjust your dentures. Sunshine Denture Limited will not take any responsibility for problems following self adjustment. Please call the clinic if you require adjustment or information.

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